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The San Francisco Chronicle

"Tater Tots get a Super Bowl makeover"

The lowly Tater Tot, that frozen potato product, is enjoying quite the revolution these days, from bars around San Francisco to restaurants across the country. I was tucking into some mac and cheese at Bullitt in San Francisco recently when I happened upon a few tots. That unmistakable taste - a combination of grease and salt and crunch - shouted out from the bowl: Look at me! Look at me!

7X7 SF

"Emerging Classic Pub at Ghirardelli Square Offers 10% Off Your Holiday Party"

Over the last decade or so, San Francisco restauranteur and bar impresario Scott Broccoli built a small empire of well-respected venues north of Market, including Dobbs Ferry Restaurant & Bar in Hayes Valley, and noted Yankees bar Aces in Nob Hill.

7X7 SF

"Lowering the Bar: 5 Places to Drink for Cheap (or Free) This Week"

The Pub at Ghirardelli Square is upping the ante on the bottomless-mimosa trend; if you order a brunch entree this month, you get access to an endless mimosa adventure for only $5. This may well be the cheapest bottomless brunch in the city, even if you have to get stuck behind a few turtle-paced tourists to get your fix.


"Comfort Times Two: A Guide to Mac and Tots"

Childhood favorites individually, mac 'n' cheese and tater tots combined add up to the perfect hangover combo or blue-day pick-me-up. When the urge for mac and tots strikes, we head to one of these three places: The Pub at Ghirardelly Square.

Mister Archer

"Southern BBQ and Late Night Drinks"

Ghirardelli Square is no longer only for tourists. The Pub has just opened their doors in the spot formerly occupied by O'Neill's. This new BBQ joint features a Southern Special of the Day along with savory staples including BBQ ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and jambalaya with a Cajun kick. Given the dearth of quality late night options in San Francisco, the Pub is serving piping hot food until 1:30am… even nearby In-N-Out Burger has shut off its grill.

CBS Radio

"Cocktail Confessions: Four Delicious & Seasonal Spring Cocktails"

Scott Broccoli, owner of the The Pub at Ghirardelli Square, serves up Incident on Beach Street at his pub on Beach Street in San Francisco. The drink is a play on a [Bruce] Springsteen song, "Incident on 57th Street". Here's the incident: The legend goes that Bruce and his wife Patty came in to a bar that Scott worked at years ago, he made them this cocktail with Blueberry vodka, iced tea, and lemonade and they loved it.

Daily Candy

"Hungry Man Dinners"

Six Places to Eat Like a Dude in SF The Pub at Ghiradelli Square: Tommy Tots If General Tso turned his attention to taters instead of chicken, the result would be crazily addictive Tommy Tots, tossed with a spicy-sweet sauce and sprinkled with blue cheese.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

"Cinema-Inspired Cocktails"

What better way to celebrate this year's glamorous Academy Awards then with some spectacular libations. Mix a cocktail inspired by this year's Best Picture nominees or celebrate some cinematic moments from decades past by imbibing a beverage named after an old favorite flick. Bartenders from Brisbane to New York City have dreamt up delicious recipes that make watching the Academy Awards at home even more enchanting than sitting in the stadium with the stars—hopefully.

Scout Mob


Fortunately, I have never been pregnant but my taste-buds and cravings would tell you otherwise. I have been known to go from pickles to gummy candy to frozen grapes on many a nights. I love craving stories almost as much as I love insider restaurant stories and on a recent visit to my new favorite stomping ground, The Pub at Ghiradelli Square, I heard a story that combines both. I have become friends with the owner, Scott Broccoli, as I do some projects for him, and he told me this story:

Voice Places

"The Pub at Ghirardelli Square"

FDark wood and deep reds set the visual tone inside this touristy-but-classy bar and restaurant in Ghirardelli Square - although you may never notice, since the views of San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park across the street may occupy your eyeballs more than the interior decor.


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